Yoni Art, Sacred Sexuality and Animal Art

Yoni art, sacred sexuality, animal art, watercolour paintings. Nimbin life and natural living is abundant here.

I’m passionate about watercolour! Primarily a drawing medium within my technique, I use watercolour like one would drawing with a pencil or ink. I add extra water to encourage the beautiful unique effects found only when working with this marvellous medium.

I am capable of drawing a variety of subjects but the two that interest me the most are animals and of course, the mysterious Yoni. When I draw animals I aim to capture the essence of the animals personality. Liking to show some human qualities in the work. When I draw people I am interested in gender, sexuality, feminism, pleasure, the female experience, and the Yoni! Liberate the vulva! The seat of women’s sexuality, pleasure and a representation of the goddess. Through art, I aim to unfold her beauty and individuality, so it may be celebrated and loved.

My art studio is housed in an old 1970’s school bus. The bus has plenty of old charm and best of all, is enchanted with the panoramic views of the rolling Nimbin hills.

Life on the land ensures that my practice has a minimal ecological footprint, something that is very important to me. All materials I use are non-toxic, reusable/recycled where possible and I live and work as off the grid as much as possible.

I am currently studying Visual Arts at University and am working on a book, the little book of Yoni, to be published soon.

Below is my Instagram feed, feel free to have a peek into my magical world of art, love, music, friends, living off grid and building with recycled materials. Follow me so we can be friends and share the Yoni art love.